1828 29th St. Sacramento, CA 95816


Other Zero-Waste stores in Sacramento where you can bring your own container and refill with items like bulk foods and spices include The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op (which just reopened at it's new location next door!) and The Allspicery, click the links to their websites. Also, if you need inspiration to reduce your waste, check out Bea Johnson's website, Zero Waste Home by clicking the link below. 

We've removed 6,381 (and counting) plastic bottles/containers from the waste stream -- all thanks to you, Sacramento!

HOURS     ​​

10-6 Tuesday-Thursday

10-5:30 Friday

10-5 Saturday

10-4 Sunday


  • What do we do? ~Remove plastic from the waste stream & environment while you get top notch, eco-friendly products for your family and your home.
  • Why do we refill? ~ For many reasons. One reason is because our oceans are full of plastic which never biodegrades. The amount of plastic in our oceans is staggering and causes a very long list of problems, one of them being that plastic has entered our food chain and along it's way has accumulated dangerous toxins. Humans are at the top of the food chain. Another reason is there is so much plastic in our oceans that it can block sunlight from ocean plants and creatures which uses it to make food. Less food in the ocean is a dangerous situation. For more information, go to the "ABOUT" page on this website and click the links provided. 
  • How is it done? ~Customers bring in empty containers and refill them with name brand everyday products, paying by weight .
  • Visit us or go to the products page and check out what we carry. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised! 

​"No water, no life. No Blue, no Green"

​Dr. Sylvia Earle